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IN-game Beta event today! - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

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IN-game Beta event today! [Jan. 19th, 2007|12:17 pm]
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes


Attention Beta Tester:

Sigil Games Online would like to extend our thanks for all your help testing Vanguard Saga of Heroes. As a small gesture of our appreciation, we invite you to join us January 19th at 6:00pm pacific, on the Beta 1 server for a special event. Pack your fur lined cloak, this time of year gets pretty cold at high altitudes!

Due to the overwhelming response, we will be offering another chance to ride a flying mount. You will also have the opportunity to win a permanent griffon mount of your own! This test will require you to be online at 6:00pm pacific with a character level 5 or lower. The event is anticipated to run for a while so please prepare to be online for at least an hour.

International Testers:
We regret the hours of this event may not be convenient for our International testers. Unfortunately this test requires certain conditions and our highest populations happen at these times. Hopefully publishing this information early will give everyone the opportunity to prepare and participate.

Below is a letter from the Crimson Fellowship discussing the details of the event.

Citizen of Telon,

I bring bittersweet news. A nomadic tribe of goblins known as the Guulrip, have been robbing griffon nests around Telon. Last month we removed another 3,000 eggs from the Guulrip’s camp and have since discovered that griffon eggs are rejected by the matron, once an egg is removed from its nest. The cublets are now trained in the art of flight and we hope you will join us in celebrating their graduation into full fledged adulthood.

C’mon, you know the fuzzy little baby griffons would do it for you.

Please also keep your eyes open for Guulrip Goblins, we are still unaware of their motives and fear something diabolical may be afoot.
Knights of the Crimson Fellowship


Too bad I'll be stuck at work or i'd be at the event :/

My Character(s):
Chrissi Urso (Half-Elf Level 7)
Kaael (High Elf level 6)
Beta server 1