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Tagad on group xp - more info [Jun. 8th, 2005|01:47 am]
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

In response to:

"I think there is some very valid concerns in this tread.

"Lets say a mob is designed to be solo and its worth 500xp
"1 person takes it down and gets 500xp ok.. thats what was supposed to happen
"2 persons takes it down and gets each 500xp?? Thats not fair! Plain and simple not fair!
"So lets say that 2 persons takes down a solomob worth 500xp... logically they should get 250xp each, but to encurage grouping what about giving them a bonus of hmm... say 10% (just as an example) so they each get 250xp+10% = 275xp.. Heck..give them 75% (437.5xp) but don't give them full xp that just wouldn't be fair.

"On a side note. It can work both ways.
"So lets say that a group of 5 takes down a mob designed for a group of 6... well good job... small bonus xp, but they better be damn near death all of them... and it should be pure luck that they took down a mob they weren't supposed to be able to handle.

"Just my 2cp"

Sorry in my tiredness last night (and I'm sure thismorning!) I didnt clarify a few things.

An NPC that is designated as "Casual" will have a different target number of players. What does this mean? This means that for example we say the target number is 3, for 500 exp, if you bring more than 3 people you are going to get greatly diminished returns - i.e. splitting / downscaling will occur.

This is why we believe you will not see roaming death squads in casual areas destroying the solo/small group oriented NPCs. We expect to see small roaming death squads and soloers in these areas